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"Let's Paint This Ceiling Together"

Industry Istanbul was founded in 2015 to assist foreign buyers to purchase products and grow relationships that last with Turkish manufacturers. We believe that we grow as a corporation, by growing others. Our goal is simply to make our clients get in touch with Turkish Manufacturers and while our Turkish clients advance in the world. We make sure that our foreign clients get their benefit from the cost advantage and reducing the uncertainties such as delivery time, legal operations, etc. Industry Istanbul is here to assist our clients in A-Z business steps. We can serve, either if you are a supplier or the brand owner. Most of our clients are amazed at how Turkish manufacturers perform on their projects with the right directives of Industry Istanbul in Coordination and Process management.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to open up Turkey's business opportunities to a global audience and create a safe, comforting zone for our foreign clients by using our knowledge, network in their benefit.

Our Vision

Values represent what we believe in. Our vision is to be a trusted reference for every essential delivery step. “ Write what you say, do what you write “ is our principle. It's our values that move us toward our vision,

We've six core values:


We honor other individuals, communicating clearly, and acting with integrity.


We're focused on our customers, through effective, responsive and innovative services and solutions.


We make decisions, based on our best analysis of the situation, enter from others and a willingness to take action.

Positive Attitude

we have a positive mindset, with pride in the achievements of our staff, our firm, and ourselves. We're excited about the future.

Financial Liability

We're economically responsible, spending encouraging business objectives and continually striving to add value.


We strive for balance in our competing daily work requirements and our own personal and work lives.

Our Difference

+ We, As İndustry İstanbul, are continuously broadening and deepening our service offerings by listening to our client's feedback.

+ Business ethics plays an essential role in our operation and our Culture. We keep an eye on Client satisfaction in every business step.

+ We represent Companies that are leading manufacturers in their field and have complete trust in them.

"We will guarantee you"
you will sleep better while we are in the game.

Project Manager Bora Başünal

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