Worldwide Shipping Solutions

We promise that every step that you take with İndustry İstanbul will be noticeably different than usual because we care. We care about getting it right. We care about your expenses and most importantly, we care about your time. Time is the most important asset of whole life and with the help of our Carriers, we find a way to not waste ours and yours.

Even though shipping is usually the last step of our business, we do not take it for granted. Our mindset lets us perform in the highest capacity of ours in every step of our business and We want our partners to benefit from every step from our services. We believe that our logistics service will become one of the essential factors in your supply chain. Choosing a delivery company is frequently the most difficult portions of leasing but with our wide range of delivery options, we guarantee your merchandise reaches the right location, at the right time in a cost-efficient manner. We do everything in our power to reduce your doubts and stresses in process. In Industry Istanbul, our industrial shipping experience and professional network allow us to connect with our customers to the world’s most reliable, experienced carriers. These carriers also offer the best prices and track record. We intend to give you total control over shipping prices and shipping times so that you could rest easy knowing that your products would be delivered on time and at the highest quality.

We may ship your products directly to your warehouse or hold your products within our warehouse in Turkey for future consolidation and more affordable, easier-to-manage shipping. Our 60-day consolidation program is free to use and is incredibly beneficial for smaller businesses as it decreases inventory at your fingertips while increasing inventory efficiency!

Our Shipping System’s advantages;

Our warehouses and around Istanbul and Port Cities pay a huge role.
Our shipping price is generally lower than the market Cost.
We check with various forwarders and enabling you to choose the most appropriate one for your specific needs.
We provide DDP ( Delivered Duty Paid ) DDU ( Delivered Duty Unpaid ) & EXW ( Ex - Works ) shipment services anywhere in the world enabling you to rest easy knowing your load is on its way hassle-free.
We guarantee that all deliveries are performed with speed and affordability.

We only work with providers who feel the identical way. So that way we make sure that not any aspect of our Money and time goes to waste.

Because We Care About Getting İt Right.


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