Intellectual Property & Legal Support

We believe in İntegrity, and İntegrity comes with trust. If you do not know your path of the Turkish business grounds, you may easily lose your way and harm your business. We, as İndustry İstanbul, help our partners on minimizing small slips that can cause devastating results. With the help of our legal team and our Experienced Quality Control team, we inspect, test, and verify every provider and their products by using the criteria of WCM which is the leading independent organization, and this all happens before we ever recommend a provider to you. This is done to defend you and our client. Whenever you work with us, you work with confidence because we make sure that your IP, Private Label, and production process are safe and meets every necessary regulations.

Arrangements That We Possess;

Quality arrangement: This agreement specifies each production detail.
OEM arrangement: The Original Equipment Manufacturer arrangement ensures a healthful relationship between provider and client.
NNN arrangement: The Non-Use, Non-Disclosure, Non-Circumvention arrangement protects our clients' intellectual property. Industry Istanbul believes in each item and the material we source. We constantly inspect for quality and strive to provide the very best for our customers. As part of your team, we offer quality assurance inspections, as well as testing solutions. Think of us as your ears and eyes while your product is manufactured and shipped. From the very beginning, until you get your products, we make sure that your interests are well represented each step along the way.

For us, quality control starts with quality which suggests finding the right providers and the best materials from the start. We work with Determination, Diligence, and Passion. We chose every provider very precisely. Quality Assurance, OEM, and NNN are required. We ask for Factory and Social Audit, İmport, and Custom documents with lab tests and accreditation according to your state's regulations.

By Working With Us;

We Guarantee Your Safety
We Guarantee Your Products Safety
And We Guarantee You The Highest Quality Products.

We Present You The Safest Way To Do Your Business


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