Supplier Sourcing & Due Diligence

As a leading global sourcing and shipping solution provider, Industry Istanbul aims to assure, and even exceed your level of satisfaction. We work with our partners respectfully and we work on your products like it is our product. With over a decade of experience working with and developing relationships with suppliers, we operate on YOUR behalf in Turkey dealing, inspecting, negotiating, and arranging your shipments. We also have a diverse portfolio of clients, with a successful history of orders and partnerships involving products such as furniture, houses, machinery, and much more to prove it.
Our sourcing process begins with a detailed analysis of your project needs, which will then be given to our dedicated project manager. The project manager will review your requirements, and hand-pick up to five qualified manufacturers tailored specifically to your needs. Backed by the full support of our consideration and recommendations, we will then aid you in the entire process of product development. After the product development phase, you will have a fully developed sample, complete with packaging, and a quality OEM and NNN agreement.

Benefits Of Our Service

A dedicated, English-speaking project manager and a complete English and Turkish product brand book
An official Product Validation Report
Thorough supplier valuation – up to FIVE qualified REAL manufacturers with NO middleman
Due diligence with all selected suppliers
Easy initial purchase with a low minimum quantity
All product branding materials, including inserts, catalogs, stickers, and packing
A ready-to-sell private label product with a fully developed sample

Industry Istanbul will help you get an Outstanding quality control assessment, including professional team inspections and we offer complete management of your products to reduce your stress while we make you earn more. Other than the excellent services that our agent provides, he will also help you in getting the best price for the highest quality product with his negotiation skills,
We pride ourselves in being 100% transparent with our clients, providing comprehensive solutions with no-nonsense quotes, full disclosure of all details regarding your business with us, and expert advice to ensure that you’re choosing the right partner for your success. A high level of professionalism and efficiency is the our key to source the best possible service to our clients.

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