Private Label Drop Shipping

We propose affordable private label options tailor-made to suit your needs at an affordable price. With our Private Labeling service, you can decide on your item codes, generic product description, and customize packaging. This way you can include your custom designs, logos, and more. You can get our consulting in every step if needed. We will pay attention to your needs and specifications, that way we can choose the right path for your interest. After we receive your product development request. We will do the necessary research to understand your product. This is a really important step of ours. We focus on what will make you and your brand more beneficial, and that way we understand and forecast the upcoming challenges and develop a cost-effective strategy for overcoming those challenges and achieving a great product with great quality. We look to understand your brand’s market niche, your brand story your target clients, and your target price. We also research the types of certificates and tests necessary to prevent any obstacles that can affect our product development.

We build a detailed product booklet in English and requested a language for every product we develop before sending it to a considered supplier. This book includes a clear production layout, materials processes, and the finishes needed to create the product. By doing this work, the supplier will have a clear more clear look so that no production mishaps happen. Communication is very important for simplifying the manufacturer’s process. This detailed product book covers everything the factories need to know and what our client wants- and are expecting.

A Quality Agreement,
Branding requirements,
An OEM Agreement,
A NNN Agreement,

When you have a Industry Istanbul on your side, you’ll get the right deal at the right time.


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